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soaring solo · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States of America

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JEANNE SMITH certified reviewer June 02, 2018
What Sarah did this afternoon is what is called 'raw talent' - uncensored, truthful, powerful, funny, deeply touching and rare. THIS is just the beginning. Thank you for an afternoon of truth - mighty rare these days!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 02, 2018
What a great show?! Sarah is adorable, engaging, hilarious and just the right amount of vulnerable. Her ability to tell a compelling story (all by herself up there for an hour) was amazing! We enjoyed it so much and the entire audience agreed! Well done, Sarah Rose Reynolds (so powerful, indeed)!... full review
HELENA LIPSTADT certified reviewer June 02, 2018
Sarah Rose Reynolds owned the stage in her one woman show "Squirrel!!" A charismatic charmer, she had her audience with her from the opening scenes, and kept us with her all the way, laughing, crying and laughing again. Bold, hilarious, touching. A triumph!!... full review
KIM PUTMAN certified reviewer June 02, 2018
Fantastic one woman show! Sarah is a creative force! Laughed and entertained the entire time! Hope more shows get added so more people can see this gem!... full review
LAURA GRIMALDI certified reviewer June 02, 2018
Sarah is so cute and funny! Thoroughly enjoyed this performance. A must see!!!... full review
SASHA KUSHNER certified reviewer July 07, 2018
What an outstanding performance! Sarah was captivating and animated throughout the entire show with hysterically funny, tearful and heart-warming moments. Can’t wait to see what’s next!... full review
SAM SHABER certified reviewer July 01, 2018
Loved Sarah's versatile, athletic performance. She made me laugh, she made me go "Hmm" and she made me want more!... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 24, 2018
tagged as: ADHD · Gender Identity · comedy · music · triumph
Sarah Rose Reynolds is a force of nature, a comedic actress who can sing and does both with an unforgettable flair. She wears her ADHD like a badge of honor, and gave us not only an incredibly funny and refreshing show, but revealed herself to be a wonderful human being as well. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2018
This show was so entertaining. Sarah is funny, creative and talented. Her delivery was excellent. Her passion and energy were amazing. Fabulous show!... full review
DENISE BARRETT certified reviewer June 23, 2018
This is one of the best shows I've seen! A very honest, emotional, and laugh-out-loud look at what it is like to yes, have ADHD, but also just be human - figuring out who you are and why, conquering your fears, and finding out what the universe is wanting from you. Sarah was amazing at depicting the other characters through voice, expression and physicality. CONGRATS Sarah on your follow-through, it certainly paid off in this act of self love, passion and making God happy :)... full review