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Vixen DeVille ReVealed

vixen deville · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · world premiere · one person show · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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AMBROSIA MINGE certified reviewer June 02, 2018
An incredible theatre experience. This show is the perfect combination of dazzling burlesque, magic and aerial performances along with soul baring story telling that brings home with a powerful message. Prepare to be amazed, moved and inspired. ... full review
JOSHUA THOMAS certified reviewer June 09, 2018
I had an absolute blast watching this show and so did the rest of the crowd. Whooping and hollering and being taken along on an incredible journey by the amazing Vixen Deville. Moving and fascinating and above all hilarious. The final reveal -which I won’t reveal- had the entire crowd cheering as though we had just won a war which, in her own way, Vixen just had. Every single person in that theatre left happier than they were when they entered. ... full review
KATT BALSAN certified reviewer June 11, 2018
Loved it!!! Very empowering and inspiring. Cat reveals herself in a Docu-Cabaret style. And allows us in her biggest fears and how to overcome them!... full review
MONIQUE LEBLEU certified reviewer July 07, 2018
Although Vixen DeVille aka Cat LaCohie is sexy, warm, welcoming, energetic and embarrassingly gifted in a wide variety of talents, she is also self-deprecating, tough-as-nails, and incredibly funny. Winner of the 2018 Best International, Soaring Solo Artist and Encore Awards, as well as Nominated for Best of Cabaret & Variety, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, LaCohie's show "Vixen DeVille Revealed" is first and foremost definitely an adult show. But it's also immensely entertaining, comical, and even educational, with occasional moments of heartbreaking truth. Assisted with a “kitten” and audience participants, Vixen DeVille, combines glass walking, fire-eating, magic, aerial, video, comedy, body confidence, truth and burlesque into a... full review
SARAH MANN certified reviewer June 24, 2018
tagged as: magic · burlesque · Aerial Art · moving · funny · Must See
Vixen DeVille puts on a wonderfully fun show that moves you as you follow her triumphs and struggles on her path as a burlesque magician.... full review
TE'JUANA JOHNSON certified reviewer June 19, 2018
I loved this show! She was amazing! She has a presence like no other!... full review
LEA WALKER certified reviewer June 19, 2018
Loved the mix of a real story with burlesque which many burlesque show fall short of. Cat also seamlessly brings the audience into her world and it’s a wild, fun ride! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 19, 2018
The show is everything it promises to be and more. It's delightful, and Vixen is a truly wonderful and talented performer. I only regret that I did not bring more people to come see the show, and I hope this gets a longer run.... full review
DAVID HARPER certified reviewer June 19, 2018
Cat's artistry is beautiful and her story, passion, and drive are inspiring. This is a compelling documentary brought to live theatrical terms, and is entertaining, moving, and encouraging all at once. ... full review
BAILA ROMM certified reviewer June 19, 2018
What a show! What a show! Walking on Glass! Eating Fire! A Strip Tease! Magic Tricks! A young girl without confidence? She did all that? Cat LaCohie is a powerhouse! Only she didn't know that as a young girl. By developing a persona, she was able to overcome her fear and insecurities. This show is not just an ordinary burlesque. It's the life story of how she became Vixen DeVille. It is thoroughly inspiring and heartwarming and thoroughly entertaining. This show was absolutely amazing. Vixen DeVille commands your attention and the audience willingly gives it! Cat is not only beautiful inside and out, she is talented and inspiring and oh so funny! ... full review