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Cthulhu: the Musical!

musicals and operas · puppeteers for fears · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 25, 2018 original article
tagged as: puppets · Lovecraft · horror comedy · musical

What I liked

The puppet designs are solid, fun and well performed. Having fun with the fourth wall, interesting projections and lots of tentacles, the cast certainly gave it their all. The final sequence, building to the appearance of The Old One, certainly provided an applause-worthy moment that the audience enjoyed. The dialogue between songs had some sincere moments, big laughs and cheeky theater jokes about genres and character motivations.

What I didn't like

The show clocked in at two hours – way too long for the premise and sound issues made it feel even longer.

Unfortunately, technical issues marred their first Hollywood Fringe Festival performance heavily and I feel I cannot judge the piece fairly. The sound was horrendous. When the band played, no character could be heard above the music. Long stretches of the show unfolded with the audience having no clue as to what the lyrics were saying. It’s a shame.

My overall impression

There is a fun premise here. The concept of adapting this story with music and puppets is worth trying.

Unfortunately, the performance I saw had major sound issues and was too long.

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