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The People VS Hell Kross

musicals and operas · hell kross · Ages 21+ · United States of America

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June 15, 2018 · original article

What I liked

The wacky, over the top performances are the perfect mixture of cliché and affectionate tribute. As a whole, the show manages to mix in some pretty cool (if sometimes obvious) political statements while never losing sight of the goofy premise and just how silly the whole affair truly is.
I do appreciate the fact the program had printed lyrics. Reading a few of the songs before the show began helped me, definitely. Also, thanks for the earplugs!

What I didn't like

At times, it was hard to hear the dialogue of some characters. With the loud band, the rambunctious audience, anytime a character was not in front of a microphone they were yelling to be heard.

My overall impression

Hilarious fun! I am NOT a heavy metal fan at all, but the band won me over from the first song. The message of the show hits home making points about blaming art for the actions of people rather than the people who make bad decisions. Hysterical lyrics, huge laughs and big hair. This is a blast.

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