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The Elevator

ensemble theatre · cursed champagne productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 13, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: wise · hilarious · smart · relevant · soothing · unicorns · hootie

What I liked

The actors were really funny and authentic (and attractive). They should act professionally! Seriously. The script felt as natural as improv, so I was really impressed every time I got lost in the play like I was a fly on the wall watching a seriously weird work experience, including a two-headed unicorn in a totally reasonable way surprisingly.

What I didn't like

I thought it was great, some lighting or sound cues that were a bit off made it feel more like home theatre but I didn’t hate it.

My overall impression

A consistently wise-cracking and embarrassingly true-to-life account of what it is to be a person whose coming-of-age supposedly happened like…15 years ago? Wait was I supposed to be passionate and successful and stop procrastinating over a decade ago? I’ve never hooted and laughed so hard through an entire hour-long show and yet felt so keenly aware that I need to change everything about my life the next morning. This show is precious and fun and true and I loved it.

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