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The Woman Is Perfected

solo performance · independently produced · Ages 17+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 02, 2018
Wow! What a performance. A one woman show is a hard feat to pull off but it succeeded. There was not a moment that I was bored or wondered off. I was there with her on stage. The complexities of her character were well written and demonstrated through engaging flashbacks and memories through a "casual" conversation with her mother. A must see at Fringe. ... full review
ROLLAND PETRELLO certified reviewer June 03, 2018
An incredible evening of theatre! The script was tight and nuanced, resisting easy answers to the problems posed. The comedic moments provided welcome emotional relief at just the right moments. The script was brought beautifully to life by Ms. Johnson, who was so perfect for the role it seemed to have been written for her. Her ability to balance the conflicting pressures that women face in our society kept the audience rooting for her throughout. ... full review
LUCY GILLESPIE certified reviewer June 04, 2018
Engrossing and intense. Hard to watch at times—the suffering of the woman was palpable—but an impeccable character study. ... full review
ALLISON ZAHIGIAN certified reviewer June 03, 2018
The collaboration between the writer and actress was something that I could only describe as, beautiful magic. Ruth wrote a character with a multitude of layers, dealing with perfection and self-love that are extremely relevant and relatable to our society today. A character that I must say was nothing short of scary. It is every woman's worst nightmare to become her, but we also all play with that line every day. Maliabeth took the words off the page and fully unhinged herself, crossing that line. She brought you into the darkest places of not just her mind but yours too. After Maliabeth walked off stage the guy next to me said, "Woah, that was really good, huh?" We both just sat there in silence for a few minutes thinking about what j... full review
MATT MORILLO certified reviewer July 02, 2018
If Ruth Fowler is the author, you go see the show! And go see this one! It's a raw and powerful exploration of a very important topic! Great stuff! ... full review
PAUL HOAN ZEIDLER certified reviewer June 24, 2018
tagged as: inyerface · challenging · drama · monologue
This show is so well written, acted, designed and directed that I hope for a future monologue show from Ruth Fowler and company. One that features additional characters but challenges an audience just as hard.... full review
DEBBA ROFHEART certified reviewer June 24, 2018
A powerful and heartbreaking look into one young woman's descent into madness. It is fueled by the self loathing created by an abusive relationship and the cultural imperative for women's bodies to be forever young and thin. It is written in Ruth Fowler's signature, raw, pull-no-punches style and interpreted with unselfconscious honesty by Maliabeth Johnson. It is painful and beautiful to see. Brava, both!... full review
MATTHEW JOHNSON certified reviewer June 24, 2018
Riveting and a tour de force of emotion.... full review
RONNI ASHLEY certified reviewer June 24, 2018
Bold, brutal and beautiful.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 21, 2018
A wonderful showcase of talent for all parties involved... full review