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Blind Spots

ensemble theatre · dalton-pawle productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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June 10, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

“Blind Spots” exists solely in its writing—this is a smart play, being well served by a strong cast and clear direction (rather than a play being elevated by a strong cast/clever direction). As such, it delivers an entertaining and insightful 60 mins. As an ensemble, they are surprisingly tight for a Fringe show. Each character is fully developed and tightly woven into the narrative structure, giving the production the feel of theatrical “comfort food.”

Maybe spicy comfort food ;-)

What I didn't like

I’m told this is a full-length play cut to time, and I’d have to say the editing is quite seamless. Though there are several points I feel a bit “short-changed” on (but hey, always leave ’em wanting more, right?), and the ending felt a bit “soft.” This by no means lessened the Fringe “edition”, but rather wet my appetite for the full-length version!

The only weakness was one of the actors might not be quite at the level of the material (or maybe just an off night).

My overall impression

Smart writing, strong performances, clear direction—a definite “go see” at this year’s Fringe

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