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Moose & Darlene's Cosmic Do-Over

comedy · not at all made up productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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LORNA SILVA June 21, 2018
Moose & Darlene is a delightfully wacky sci fi adventure through the time & space continuum filled with nerdy facts and takes climate change very seriously too. And it’s a super fun show too! It was satisfying to see a really talented woman of color playing the lead in a sci fi comedy.... full review
JOELLYN WEINGOURT certified reviewer June 18, 2018
Lighthearted and wickedly smart story of what happens when we fail to learn from history. ... full review
STEVE CHANG certified reviewer June 16, 2018
A super fun show for anyone who enjoys science fiction and time travel. The story may be over the top but the characters are grounded, well-defined, and likable. Great video effects as well. It seems like a lot of thought was put into this production and it all comes together nicely!... full review
KAREN GOFFRED June 15, 2018
Moose & Darlene's Cosmic Do-over is a delightful story with endearing characters. Sent on a mission to save the planet, Darlene quickly realizes she is unable to carry out the assignment as described and must alter the plan in order to succeed. Moose & Darlene is full of relatable characters, smart writing and witty jokes. ... full review
VICTORIA ELIZABETH certified reviewer June 14, 2018
This show was a very fun, unique story that causes the audience to reflect on the consequences of our actions on future generations. It does so in a very lighthearted, yet effective way. ... full review
MICAH COVER certified reviewer June 14, 2018
A wacky, imaginative and thoroughly clever joy ride through time with some unforgettable characters. I was smiling from beginning to end. ... full review
DAVID MACDOWELL BLUE certified reviewer June 13, 2018
Imagine if you will a nihilistic, time travel comedy that also qualifies (barely) as a rom-com. This describes pretty well what Moose and Darlene's Cosmic Do-Over tries to accomplish. Does it succeed? Well, not quite. The show has some real charm to it, poses an interesting situation and resolution, seeks to find humor in some truly dark situations (like committing multiple murders in hopes of saving the world by changing the timeline). All well and good! I loved The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, Dr. Strangelove and indeed Red Dwarf as well as Life of Brian. But to genuinely work, this sort of thing demands careful world building and characters we get to know very well. At less than an hour, methinks this show bites off more than... full review
TRAVIS SNYDER-EATON certified reviewer June 02, 2018
A fun romp through time that will have you laughing throughout. A beautiful and bare bones aesthetic serves as a springboard for your imagination allowing you to be whisked away easily in your mind by what’s happening. This is aided thanks to some fantastic costumes and stellar directing.... full review
ALON DINA certified reviewer June 02, 2018
Fun, visually stunning, educationally inspiring show! Well worth your time and ticket. Feels like you're part of the adventure.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 02, 2018
Ambitious, fun, funny, and thoughtful, all the best tenets of sci-fi are present in this fun hour-long romp. The cast is easy to follow, the prop and stage use are highly creative, with fun effects throughout. A must for any science or history buff!... full review

A Solo Show with Jokes...and Espionage

Saurabh Kikani was the nerdiest, most awkward teen in the world. In 1996, he was in a summer program at Oxford where he happened to see the movie Mission:Impossible, and his life changed forever. This is a solo show with jokes...and espionage.