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Encore Award Winner! Because of YOU- Cancelled

the lake arrowhead repertory theatre company · Ages 10+ · world premiere · United States of America

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We all have someone we’d like to thank—perhaps you will recall someone you want to thank while watching “YOU” as the actors share their individual tale of gratitude and the reasons for it. The effect is subtle and profound, as artists connect with individuals in the audience. No text messages, no emoji, no abbreviations for the experience of life. If you have been lucky enough to see a previous You project, you understand and won’t want to miss this.
Eleven writers, and actors take the stage—at the same time—sharing their stories— in a moving, heartfelt, fast-paced, and funny way—woven together as a tapestry of life.
Also running this Festival is Here’s YOU. Check it out too.

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* Fringe Veteran


After a one-night stand, Jack and Erica try to uncover more of each other. She wants to be an actress and he's a mysterious Irishman who has the money to make her dreams come true - until an unspeakable act leads to an explosive climax in: HOBOKEN.


A show beyond this reality? A one-man cabaret about never, EVER fitting in. Told through four days in the 90's. Described as, "Reinventing the form," "amateur," "musically outstanding," "a waste of time," "earnest, heartbreaking, & real."