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dare to fail productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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tagged as: powerful · emotional · Engaging
A thought-provoking, emotionally raw story that is inescapably relatable and very well performed. I rode the rollercoaster of emotion along with them from laughter to tears to arriving at a personally cathartic end after having been confronted and making peace with the reality of our common fallibility when being tried by nature even in loving relationships. ... full review
KALEB SEATON June 04, 2018
tagged as: comedy · drama · sad · depression · friendship · Love
Strong, had everything that you are looking for in Fringe. It has the perfect blend of comedy, drama, and tear your heart out moments. You really connect with the two characters, their emotions come to life and make us laugh and cry. These characters were well developed, from start to finish, which gives the climax of the play a much more powerful punch. This play was moving, funny, and powerful. Highly recommend... full review
MATTHEW SMITH certified reviewer June 04, 2018
tagged as: emotional · drama
The best theater I’ve seen in a long time. Excellent writing. Incredible performance by both actors. They both brought me into the scenes and I could really feel the emotion between the two. Entertained the entire time. Bravo!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 04, 2018
The underlying message of the importance of friendship throughout the hardships of suffering carries this show through to the end.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2018
Wonderful and heartfelt!... full review
SAM HOWELL certified reviewer June 04, 2018
tagged as: perfect · amazing · emotional · drama · comedy · dramady
I was honestly blown away. Strong. made me laugh and cry. Specifically, I cried a lot. The story was emotional, the dialogue was clever, and the acting was amazing. Everyone should see it.... full review
TRACEY PALEO, GIA ON THE MOVE (OFFICIAL PRESS) certified reviewer June 05, 2018
tagged as: friendship · cancer · Best Friends
A bear hug ode to friendships & female besties.... full review
TOM LUND June 05, 2018
There really isn't a better word to describe this show other than its title: Strong. This show definitely takes you on a ride of emotions as you witness the highest of highs and the lowest of lows with two best friends. They have to find a way to understand how each are feeling when one receives devastating news. It truly shows how vulnerability really can be a strength.... full review
JAMIE MELTON June 05, 2018
It was very well written and it had just the right amount of humor to seriousness to make everything balanced. It was also extremely relatable and had a lot of heart and soul. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2018
I thought I knew what would happen, but the turn was certainly unexpected and much appreciated. A wonderful conversation about an uncomfortable topic - how to maintain relationships while one is dying, and another is living.... full review


"A Powerful One-Man Show" "Cox takes on different personalities, channeling sorrow, outrage or compassion with stirring conviction" Sun, June 09 - Sun, Jun 23 Friday and Saturdays @ 8:30 pm Sundays@ 4:30pm Tickets:

A BIT MUCH: A Solo Comedy

A LOL funny, insightful journey that illustrates how women can comfortably step into their own brand of strength and femininity without compromise. Spoiler alert: it's harder than it looks, but not impossible. June 8, 16, 27 at the Lounge Theatre.