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dare to fail productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 06, 2018
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tagged as: Believable · solid · Good acting

What I liked

I really liked the connection between the actors, they played very well with each other, I believed they had been friends for many many years.

What I didn't like

Obviously it’s a fringe show and it’s all about limited set pieces so it’s fast in and out service but of course we all want a big set with lots of pieces to transport us to our location BUT I will say that since the actors believed they were in the space we then believed in the space even with limited set pieces.

My overall impression

This story is very relatable and comes from the heart. We have all been tested with hard times and it’s always good to know that you have someone there if need be. The bond of true friendship is unbreakable. The actors in this show have a great connection and the director guides them through the story very well. The script is solid and I definitely recommend this project, I also look forward to seeing more from this team of players.

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