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The Obama Effect

ensemble theatre · the marshall studio · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 19, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

This was the third night of the show and I could tell everyone was more comfortable with their roll. For being only 45 min long, although the show lasted about an hour, THE OBAMA EFFECT packed an enormous punch! One that touched on every aspect of what was really happening in the minds of the American people, both in public and behind closed doors; when Obama was running for President. The characters and their lines were well thought out, and emotionally delivered by the cast. Given this was a quick play with little to no budget, you get what you pay for. A fantastic play delivered by aspiring actors, for a great performance. My favorite actors with the hardest characters to play (In my opinion): Alisa Levinson: Charlotte/Savannah, Bevin Bru: Carmen/Marta, Nomsa L. Mlambo: Beatrice/Emma. Brilliant!

Rudy Chavarria Jr.
College Web Media

What I didn't like

A great play, with brilliant acting. No complaints. Well worth the $.

My overall impression

This was my first time to The Complex, and in The Flight Theater where the performance was at. The room was awesome. Small but very intimate. THE OBAMA EFFECT was brilliant. Intelligent writing and quality performances by the cast.

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