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Rock in Her Pocket

theatre · not man apart · Ages 13+ · one person show · United States

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June 15, 2011 certified reviewer

My overall impression

Alix Angelis does what we always ache for theater to do (and which it rarely in fact does) she creates a world, inhabits it and brings us into it with her. She takes us on a journey of discovery with a few simple props and her talent. That talent is on display from start to finish, in the expressive way she utilizes her body, picks up a cup, talks on a phone. Her choices are sure and correct (also a tribute to the direction of Vincent Cardinale) and whenever you’re watching a one person show, you face the question of, how will this person present the ‘other’ characters in this piece? Splendidly, that’s how. Clearly delineated and realized, they all inhabit the space with her. Her acting is deep and resonant, taking me inside these people’s lives. You should see this show.

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A show beyond this reality? A one-man cabaret about never, EVER fitting in. Told through four days in the 90's. Described as, "Reinventing the form," "amateur," "musically outstanding," "a waste of time," "earnest, heartbreaking, & real."

WHOAH! LOOKS GOOD! Seriously. #Seriously

From 2x winners of Best of Fringe! Boxing Your Demons: Like if David Lynch became a health/fitness influencer and made an immersive theatre show about cognitive dissonance. Cute workout clothes and chakra crystals recommended. #gratitude