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Rock in Her Pocket

theatre · not man apart · Ages 13+ · one person show · United States

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DEVON DIONNE uncertified reviewer June 13, 2011
This one woman show was fantastic. A great mix of serious content that made me ponder what life is about with great contrast of light humor that made me laugh like a school girl. Alix was very skilled at seamlessly moving between different characters with a grace and elegance while bringing her own quirkiness to each story. I Fell in love with both her New York student and Virginia Wolfe. A must see at the fringe. And BTW, she really did serve real and cookies!... full review
CELESTE AMOS uncertified reviewer June 15, 2011
Perhaps the most brilliant show I have seen in quite some time, "Rock in her Pocket" is a combination of witty, sensitive, thought provoking dialogue and exceptional acting. Alix Angeles delivers a performance where the lines between what is real and what is performance are blurred. Not only are there intense meta-textual moments, where actress and text become one, but the audience is brought in to the quirky, sad, romantic, erotic world of Virginia Wolf and feel as though they too are an integral part of the performance. As we were warned before the start of the play, there were in fact profound moments, moments of clarity where we all realized that we were in fact crazy... or sane.... depending. If you miss this show, you are missing s... full review
EVA SINOTTE uncertified reviewer June 17, 2011
Wow! Alix Angelis blew me away once again! This one woman show is dark, hilarious and truthful... not to mention in weird ways, relatable. Alix Angelis can play any character. One of my favorite scenes, in Rock In Her Pocket, was in the classroom where she portrayed the teacher. The beautiful Angelis plays a nasal four-eyed teacher thinking in the box, then quickly, within a blink of the eye, shifts to her curious and lonely, Virginia Woolf inspired character. Everything in this play was filled with meaning, to the twitches of her feet, to the furniture in the apartment, to the barbie dolls, to the stones, etc. I recommend seeing it multiple times! Thank you and thank you for the tea and cookies! Ciao... full review
PHILLIP CURRY certified reviewer June 15, 2011
Alix Angelis does what we always ache for theater to do (and which it rarely in fact does) she creates a world, inhabits it and brings us into it with her. She takes us on a journey of discovery with a few simple props and her talent. That talent is on display from start to finish, in the expressive way she utilizes her body, picks up a cup, talks on a phone. Her choices are sure and correct (also a tribute to the direction of Vincent Cardinale) and whenever you're watching a one person show, you face the question of, how will this person present the 'other' characters in this piece? Splendidly, that's how. Clearly delineated and realized, they all inhabit the space with her. Her acting is deep and resonant, taking me inside these peop... full review