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The Last One-Man Show (LITERALLY)

solo performance · ape x · Ages 13+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 19, 2018

What I liked

It was hilarious, yet also full of such truth, and really made me think about life. Steve is a master of characters and really utilized them quite well in the sense that they may or may not be real. Leaving me with the ever growing thought, if you create something while alone, is it real? It’s real to you. To a person trapped in a bunker with nothing but time, thought and all his creative characters, they may very well be real because you are. The world can be such a strangely “unreal” place in this day and age, as the media and internet take over. It’s a real trip to even begin to know how to spend your time now as we age and move along in these days of so much change, just flying at us. It is indeed a trip. This play was just what I needed to see. It really hit the spot in so many ways.

What I didn't like

The only tiny thing I can really say that comes off as having to be improved was the sound, yet it really was not all that bad. Not enough to take away from the story and songs. I could hear and understand everything just fine. Yet hey, in an age of electronics doing everything what do you expect? We really can’t rely on them. Man I sound like an old person— Maybe that’s because I am! Ha!

My overall impression

This was a well thought out and brilliant piece of theater, which had me both rolling with laughter and really thinking about life, and how we spend our time while here. The characters are hilarious, and quite colorful. It’s a real ride through the mind of a comedian living in LA in the modern age. A blast!

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