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Rayn: An Electronic Burlesque Experience

elena rayn · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · includes nudity · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 21, 2018 original article

What I liked

The question comes up… is there anything wrong with us? We are fine just as we are. What if we embrace our desires and allow ourselves to have fun with them – without judging ourselves for being open and honest about who we are? It’s a message that reaches far beyond the subject of sexuality.

Smartly using fun, playful scenes to introduce her thoughts (and songs) there is a seduction of the audience going on here. By the end, the entire room seemed to be charmed by Rayn and her positivity. Indeed, it is clear the show is meant to encourage an openness around the subject of sexuality and encourage everyone to be more accepting of all humans.

What I didn't like

Unfortunately, a fuzzy distorted sound system made most of the spoken dialogue unintelligible. It was annoying, but I saw the performer messing with her microphone several times, so I doubt this happens at every show.
Her lovely singing did come through, though.

My overall impression

A one-woman burlesque show stressing an extremely positive message of love and acceptance of ourselves and those around us, the sweet, charming and mischievous Rayn is a young woman on a mission and it was fun to witness her perform as she was sharing such a positive message.

The show is sexy, playful and has a point to get across. Be forewarned, the imagery is sexually charged and erotic. And goofy. And fun. Some audience members may find parts of the show shocking or offensive, but the point of the show is to question WHY anyone would find it to be such?

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