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My Trans Wife

ensemble theatre · good girl productions · Ages 13+ · 1hr · United States of America

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This is a true story of transition, written by and featuring the two women who are living it: Mara, a transwoman, lived most of her life as male. Mimi, a straight ciswoman, was raised in a traditional Catholic family. They met, fell in love, and got married. And everything changed. For both of them.

“My Trans Wife” is a journey through the pain, joys and laughter of their relationship as a trans couple, as Mara struggles with her gender identity and Mimi struggles with letting go of long-held beliefs enough to acknowledge that she could love someone like Mara. It’s this authenticity and commitment that have allowed them to create new realms for love to exist outside of societal norms but completely from the heart.

In today’s “us-versus-them” world, this story seeks to empower others who are “different” and send the message that real love transcends all and is available to everyone.

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production team

mimi kmet *
co-writer, featured performer, producer
mara wells 
co-writer, featured performer
deborah pearl 
director, script consultant

* Fringe Veteran