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Bunny the Elf LIVE!

christi pedigo · Ages 10+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · 1hr · United States of America

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SCOTT KEISTER certified reviewer July 04, 2019
tagged as: playwright · female · santa · toys · elf · christmas · coming of age · comedy
A very thoughtful and witty show. Great performance by Christi Pedigo as Bunny the Elf, the former Musical Theater Auditioner who finds her true calling through her work as a Christmas elf in a toy store. Bunny is ditzy but utterly sincere and endearing. Her behind the scenes stories of the business of elfing, and the various bad behaviors of both parents and children are hilarious. Bunny suffers the stings, but rises every time. Bunny is a late-20s young woman who still believes in Santa, and everything reminds of her of a musical theater song, which she immediately belts out, poorly. The story of Bunny eventually coming to grips with the real world and finding her place in life is the underlying arc of the piece that gives it heart and sou... full review
JIM HANNA certified reviewer June 19, 2019
If you had the great pleasure of meeting Christi at any of the pre-Fringe social events, you already have a good idea of what to expect: endless good cheer, positivity and joy. I've had run ins with the dark stuff at a few shows this year and this show was like a blast of peppermint-scented air through my musty, gloom-addled brain. Beyond just good will, Christi brings sharp writing, staging and characterization. Bunny is relentlessly upbeat, but Christi layers in just enough poignancy and self-doubt to make her a far more varied and interesting character than I first imagined. Very well done and a refreshing change of pace at this Summer's Fringe.... full review
SHANARA SANDERS certified reviewer July 25, 2019
A breath of fresh air! The joy of Christmas in June is really possible. A refreshing introspective on how to take the metaphorical fruitcake of purposelessness and create the delicious life you really want, making your everyday rich like the holiday. ... full review
JULIE M SMITH certified reviewer July 06, 2019
Bunny the Elf Live! is fantastically fun and brimming with energy. Christi really brings a zany hilarity as well as deep pathos to her quirky job-challenged character.... full review
MARLA BLACK certified reviewer July 02, 2019
Spoiler Alert: This Elfin Rocks! A fun and delightfully sweet Christmas romp. Christi is charming and funny and her shoes alone are not to be missed. Wonderful Christmas fun for the whole family!... full review
MATT MORILLO certified reviewer July 01, 2019
Super fun hour that surprises you with its hear at the end, courtesy of a gifted performer and storyteller. ... full review
STACY DYMALSKI certified reviewer July 01, 2019
tagged as: inspirational · christmas · whimsical
A delightful story that shares the experience of a hopeful musical theatre actor doing what she can to make ends meet. It's a journey any artist can relate to, no matter where their creativity falls. Christi Pedigo is an effervescent breath of fresh onstage as Bunny the Elf. ... full review
MIRIAM RANDOLPH certified reviewer June 30, 2019
tagged as: cheerful
a feel good show! super honest and charming and it teaches you to always look on the bright side of life ... full review
AARON EBERHARDT certified reviewer June 25, 2019
This show is a delightful celebration of the enduring power of optimism, a positive attitude, and holiday spirit! Such an uplifting, must-see show when we are constantly surrounded by negativity in the media. Christi is a phenomenal performer and writer. ... full review
LISA K. WYATT certified reviewer June 24, 2019
tagged as: sweet · funny · Big-hearted · daffy · holiday
In Bunny the Elf, Christi Pedigo has created a daffy, delightful, and fundamentally decent and kind character. Unless you hate fun and joy, get to this show. You won't be sorry. ... full review