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ensemble theatre · sambuca media · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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As their bio-clocks tick away, Camille and Megan hatch a plan to keep the DNA in the” family” instead of using an anonymous donor.

“We want to be mommies and aunties!” announce Camille and Megan to their respective brothers, Jake and Allan, who, at first, listen stone-faced. The newly married couple propose Megan’s brother, Allan, be a sperm donor for Camille, whose brother, Jake, would be the donor for Megan.

Megan turns to emotional manipulation and guilt to convince Allan. He agrees on the basis that Megan gets buy-in from his under-medicated bi-polar wife and that he can have sex with Camille, whom he finds “hot.”

Camille reminds Jake he is a regular (paid) sperm donor in high-demand given his pure Scandinavian heritage and movie-star looks. Jake sees a money-making opportunity as he is deep in debt. Besides an upfront large sum, Jake wants an extra chunk of Camille’s future inheritance.

How badly do the ladies want to be concurrent mommies and aunties? Will they agree to their brothers’ terms and how far will they go to make their dream come true?

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