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Ed Goodman's Ol' Timey Brainwash

comedy · the eds goodman · Ages 18+ · world premiere · 55 mins · United States of America

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Edward C. Goodman has traveled the country performing, teaching, improvising, taking pictures, and scribbling ideas on the backs of gag orders and NDAs. His thoughts are unique and fresh as he has a disorder of some kind and literally can’t think straight.

This is not that one man show.

A Second City veteran (Chicago, Vegas, Nam*), the last of the original ImprovOlympic old guard (he killed Del Close** for the title), Goodman also took the Hollywood Fringe ‘15 Best in Comedy Award home with him (and did NOT give it back***). He told BACKSTAGE “Losing pushes you to do better, to strive, to get back in and pursue that vision. Winning destroys your will to live.” Voted UCB’s “Sexy Best” in 2016, this double UCLA Screenwriting MFA showcase winner and lover of all things sugar knows his one man show will be scrutinized and discussed for generations to come so he wants to get it right.

This is not that one man show either.

So what is Edward C. Goodman, author, doctor, Reverend**** and dark tech icon bringing to the Fringe stage this summer? What’s the one man show that the producers of the Hollywood Fringe are demanding from Edward C. Goodman? When they asked for a sample, what did he tell them he would do just to get them off his back and stop the incessant phone calls?

This show.

*If you weren’t there, you can’t know.
*2 – Ed was in Del’s last class. No charges were ever brought as no evidence was ever presented. Also, there was no “title.”
*3 – ’Cause it got broken. Seriously. Snapped right in two.
*4 – Ed is none of these. Probably shouldn’t go around telling people he is.

production team

corey rittmaster *
creative producer / mad talent
jeremy aldridge *
creative producer

* Fringe Veteran