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musicals and operas · new musicals inc · Ages 15+ · one person show · 90 mins · United States of America

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A musical retaliation by the founder of the holiday. A one-woman musical about Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mothers’ Day, who spent the rest of her life trying destroy the holiday because of its over-commercialization. She spent her last days in an asylum. Mother’s Mothers’ Day features award-winning actress Elise Dewsberry. One performance only, in a benefit for New Musicals Inc.

“Fun; wicked; with great music.”

“Sardonic, but also extremely touching.”

“Watching Dewsberry play four characters at once, bickering and jostling for the audience’s sympathy, is a wonder to watch.”

production team

* Fringe Veteran

Dear Mom, Sorry For Being a B!tch

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