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Sunbathe in Darkness

comedy · skyejack productions · Ages 15+ · world premiere · 80 mins · United States of America

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In the distant past of 2007, Casey writes fanfiction for the hit Alfie Wunderkid series of books. She writes really, really, really bad fanfiction. On purpose.

The plot makes no sense, the characters are inconsistent, the dialogue is at the level of a second grader who swears, and… it’s hugely popular.

As the fanfiction comes to life, what started out as a joke slowly morphs into a way for her to cope with with absentee parents, an overbearing sister, and having only one friend who, let’s just be honest, is a bit of a douche.

Sunbathe in Darkness is equal parts nonsensically hysterical, heartfelt (in an angsty teen sort of way), and a love letter to the pop culture trends of the turn of the millennium.

production team

drew petriello *
brandon karsh 
adam cash 
danny kane *
sound and lighting designer
casey donovan 

* Fringe Veteran

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