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Love and Sex in the Digital Age

ensemble theatre · utah repertory theatre company · Ages 17+ · includes nudity · United States of America

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Round² — 4 lives intersect in one hotel room. “Random hookups” that are a little less random, and a little more than meaningless. Lies, love, and curiosity.

Exposure — Who are we really? Who are we digitally? We live in a world of constant, uninterrupted immediacy. At the swipe of a screen, we’re inundated with profile after digital profile of all manner of potential mates. In trading immediacy for intimacy, however, we have safeguarded our hearts, and lost what it means to truly connect with another person.

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ORANGUTAN is a haunting and absurd one-woman show about the mother of a brutish (slightly orange) would-be dictator, and the tribalism that’s tearing our country apart.