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The Flower Society

ensemble theatre · rough riders theatre cavalry · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

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“The Flower Society” by Maryanne Householder, is a one act play that depicts the lives of four homeless women and their survival methods combatted with their personal struggles on the streets. Inspired from an NPR article describing important lessons homeless women have to have imbedded in their daily lives, Maryanne went to the streets of Los Angeles and interviewed several homeless men and women and used their stories to embody each character in The Flower Society. Through powerful real life stories and everyday endeavors that homeless women face, “The Flower Society” immerses the audience in a growing social epidemic and the hope for a better tomorrow.

production team

alon dina *
associate producer
jessie bias *
producer/actress/assistant director
phillip velasco 
technical director
ralph saldana *
executive producer/production accountant
melanie ahn 
director of production
maryanne elizabeth 
writer/ director/ stage manager

* Fringe Veteran


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