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Tattered Capes

dance & physical theatre · theatre unleashed · Ages 13+ · flashing lights · world premiere · 90 mins · United States of America

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It’s Kevin and Stephanie Connolly’s fifth wedding anniversary, and Kevin has a night of celebration planned for them. Of course, this means he won’t be going out on his regular patrol of Metro City as his alter-ego, M-Pulse, the self-appointed Eminence of Electromagnetism. But things should be fine without him for one night, right? Wrong.

One would think that there could be no secrets left between a husband and wife after five years of matrimonial bliss, but when a powerful supervillain’s attack interrupts Kevin and Stephanie’s date, a hero’s unmasking bears significant consequences for the Connollys. Consequences that will resonate and redefine their relationship forever.

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production team

gregory crafts *
playwright, producer, lighting designer
corey lynn howe *
director, set designer
soda persi *
travis joe dixon *
m-pulse, the eminence of electromagnetism
joanna mercedes *
stephanie connolly
ann hurd *
lady voodoo
chris clabaugh 
jonathan strong
denise barrett *
costume designer
erin moore *
production stage manager
tanya telson 
rehearsal stage manager
heidi powers *
director of marketing
jenn scuderi crafts *
artistic director

* Fringe Veteran