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comedy · frankie maclaughlin · Ages 18+ · world premiere · 50 mins · United States of America

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DANIEL JOHNSON June 15, 2019
Entertaining, though needed another re-write or two before it was production-ready.... full review
tagged as: gender parity · hilarious · relevant · sassy · powerhouse · comedy · slick · witty
Don't let the fun, sass, and hot pink hotness fool you. This play is packed with thought-provoking depth, sharp-as-razors wit, and cautionary social commentary. Frankie MacLaughlin maintains a bold hold on her powerhouse trifecta of writer, director, and producer of this highly relevant and hilarious production.... full review
MATTHEW LATKIEWICZ certified reviewer June 12, 2019
tagged as: funny · millennial · social media
Funny, sharp Los Angeles morality tale with great performances throughout. Writer Frankie MacLaughlin packs a lot into to the tight 55 minute run time, including a fully produced hilarious/amazing pop song!... full review
CHRIS VALENTI June 11, 2019
One thing I enjoy about theater is watching the performers have fun. These ladies were having a blast up there. Fun, flawed, fully narcissistic egos can be the best characters to play, and each of these actresses went for it. It was fun to watch.... full review
SAM POCKER June 11, 2019
tagged as: good shit · instagram · comedy
A smart and funny show about what happens when you start living for the gram. ... full review

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