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The 2nd Annual Trump Family Special

cabaret & variety · theatre planners tours · Ages 15+ · 70 mins · United States of America

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 15, 2019
Solid & creative, really excellent performances. Maybe the piano could be a bit softer so audience could hear all the cleverness in the lyrics.... full review
ROB STEVENS June 13, 2019
read complete review at the link below... full review
JENNIFER CHUN June 10, 2019
The 2nd Annual Trump Family Special was an extremely clever and pointed parody of a 'family special' featuring our negligible first family. I saw the preview and it was a bit on the rough side, but when it is up and truly running, I anticipate that this will be a 'best of Fringe' contender! Absolutely see this one. ... full review
DANIEL FAIGIN certified reviewer June 09, 2019
Over the years at Fringe, I’ve seen numerous shows dealing with Trump. These have ranged from the totally warped Zombie Clown Trump, the Star-Trek mashup Trump in Space, and the quite good The Dangerous Cures of Dr. B, which uses the demagogue John Brinkley as an analogue for the pedagogy of Donald Trump. The 2nd Annual Trump Family Special does a great job of skewering the first family, their foibles and personalities, and how Trump relates to them. But does it make a strong cases or have a deeper meaning? Does it provide a particular insight into Donald Trump, his machinations, or the motivation behind his forms of evil. No. You get more of that from Planet Money. The 2nd Annual Trump Family Special is entertaining, but ultimately light on... full review
RICH BOROWY June 08, 2019
As part of the annual Hollywood Fringe Festival, The Hobgoblin Playhouse at the Arena Stage presents THE 2nd ANNUAL TRUMP FAMILY SPECIAL, an original musical comic show featuring an all-star review with the “First Family” of the good ol’ USA. Presented as a TV special, the show consists of Melania (Mary Birdsong), Eric (Ryan Murray), Donald, Jr. (John Shartzer) and Lisa St. Lou as Ivanna, as they star in a musical review, singing and performing about how America is great again. Of course, the head of the clan isn’t present for this showcase, but does make his appearing while tweeting how this program is very good for the country, and for his assets! This political satire with book and lyrics by Daniel Salles with music and ad... full review

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