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theatre · bill ratner voiceover artist · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · United States

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The audience was in your hand as you transformed little Billy lost into little Billy thief. Kudos!... full review
KATE ZENTALL certified reviewer June 19, 2012
Bill Ratner is a master: from the first moment, you know you can settle back; you are in good hands. It may be cliched to say I laughed, I cried-- but, well, I laughed, I cried. (OK, sue me.) He takes you on a trip through his life, and when he's done you're all the better for it. Go. (And besides, it's less than an hour!)... full review
SAMUEL JOSEPH June 08, 2012
This was an extraordinary evening of theatre: moving, emotional, witty and funny. Sort of like life -- in this case Bill Ratner's. And though his life is an unusual one, that of a voice-over artist, Bill's story is universal. It is the story of triumph over tragedy, of the healing of life's wounds, even those that seem overwhelming and insurmountable. And it is inightful in a profoundly psychological way, that we are what our histories have given us, and that the careers we often choose are reflections of our pasts. The writing is brilliant and the performance masterful. I cannot recommend this theatre experience highly enough and it is in the league of the work of the late Spalding Gray. ... full review
TRACY DILLON June 08, 2012
What a great show! I laughed, some tears and overall enjoyed every minute of this one hour show of an interesting life filled with great stories told as only a true professional voice-artist can tell. Definitely a must-see!... full review
A must..attend/hear/experience show. Poignant and powerful but not self-pitying, moving and masterful without being maudlin, inspired and inspiring without being preachy...LOVED the night...'Bill's Cliff Notes' of his life. Difference is that I want to read the entire book! I know that an evening's touched my heart/mind when I reflected as I drove home, seeing the pictures painted by his stories/words/characterizations, and thinking about the meaning of life through another person's lens. ... full review
THIS SHOW IS INCREDIBLY FUNNY AND MOVING!!! Bill's story is amazing and inspiring. It has so many different colors to it. He sings, he plays the harp and he even dances a little. I think its very brave of him to tell his story and do it with such elegance. I highly recommend you see this show if you get the chance. ... full review
A R June 08, 2012
Bill Ratner's story of overcoming loss to reach his dream of becoming a VO artist is incredibly inspiring and heartfelt. He seamlessly and impressively moves through his story, voicing the many characters of his life. I am in awe, to be honest. I left wanting to hear more- and afterwards, I thought about how much strength and resiliency he has. The story is universal, so profound, and definitely unique. You must see it. I feel so lucky that I did- and I will be seeing it again.... full review
SHARON HOUSTON June 11, 2012
Everyone must see this show. It was so moving, honest, touching... I left the theater in tears and Bill's story is still with me two weeks later. Brilliant!... full review
LORI TRITEL June 21, 2012
Fantastic! Funny, intelligent and poignant. Anyone in voice over or considering a voice over career should run to see Bill's show. I loved every minute of it!... full review
You don't have to know who Bill Ratner is to love this performance. Hard to add anything new to the other "Loved It" reviews without giving things away. Suffice it to say that you should not miss Bill Ratner's wonderful spoken memoir. Ratner epitomizes why people love memoirs. I recommend the front row. ... full review

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