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Button Wagon

dance & physical theatre · button wagon · Ages 3+ · family friendly · United States

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TIM REID June 17, 2012
So beautiful, simple and strong. Both performers are enormously skilled, and the show is exquisitely poised, with an even and sure unwinding of story, and in the performers' availability and rapport with one another. It is just joyful to watch.... full review
SØREN OLSEN June 17, 2012
Button Wagon is a onetime glimpse at amazing talent. The woman is a captivating contortionist who intermixes her talents with some amazing physical "rag-doll" characterizations. The gentleman defines object illusionist as he is pulled to and fro by a windless umbrella, or stands as large rings levitate in front of him. This show leaves you with so much to see. If you are not watching their birdlike hair, you can fall in love with the giant sleeping burlap rabbit, or the large spool of thread in which one of the characters disappears. Overall, Button Wagon would be a sad thing to miss, because these two rag-doll vagabon lovebirds have a delightfully beautiful and hauntingly physical offbeat story to share. ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 17, 2012
Phenomenal. It reminded me of the ethos of Alice in Wonderland: whimsical, playful, innocent, carrying a possibility of anything. Performers' skills were unbeliavable. What a great gift to have them here in Hollywood, coming all the way from New Mexico. Go see it! Don't wait a minute longer.... full review
What a wonderful piece. We get to see two characters in a universe that is not our own. As we watch two characters discover their own unique laws of physics (gravity does not apply to these two), we also see two separate entities evolve between examining their own place in the world, to transforming into a singular unit. Amazing skills are displayed, but they are always in service to the end product: A magical, heart warming ride through a realm where the imagination we have as children can come to life with all its darkness and light perfectly juxtapositioned.... full review
JEREMY ALUMA June 18, 2012
Beautiful, enchanting work from experts at their craft. The way these two manipulate their bodies is astounding and mind-bending. It's a visually pleasing show with enough stage pictures to fill your head for days to come. And some really keen theatrical tricks too. I will definitely be stealing a thing or two from these maestros. ... full review
RAYMOND LEE June 19, 2012
A highly imaginative, visual buffet of a show that takes you to a far away land filled with enchantment and love. Their show is pure in all of its pursuits and leaves you feeling all melty inside. A great show for any festival and definitely one not to be missed.... full review
COLIN MITCHELL June 18, 2012
This is why I come to the Fringe. To see the kind of theater I can never see anywhere else in Los Angeles. An absolutely stunning, beautiful, wordless love story of the highest order. You will be transported.... full review
TOM - OF ONE KLEPTON June 19, 2012
Magic in the making. Hop on the Button Wagon! ... full review

2 for 1

Two hilarious one woman shows for the price of one! It's double the self-indulgence! Double the breakdowns! And twice you’ll ask — Is she okay?