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Lost & Found

theatre · rizen routez productions · Ages 17+ · one person show · United States

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AMY SHUSTER June 25, 2012
Both a touching and hilarious show, Nikki Brown brings her comic style and poetic grace to the stage in the best of ways. Although she tells (and sometimes sings) her own personal story (with the help of a few quirky characters) I found myself relating to many of the same struggles and inner conflicts she talks about growing up with. Totally engaging, entertaining and relatable, this show is a good one! I feel that there is more of the story to tell... somebody quick! throw some money at this production so it can flourish and grow and end up on tour somewhere! ... full review
JEN WEAVER June 26, 2012
Solo shows are a good chance to show off one's talents. It's also a great opportunity to put some truth up on stage and bare your soul. Nikki Brown is a wonderful performer, we all know this immediately from her lovely singing voice at the top of the show. What follows is a compelling story told with strength, vulnerability, and humor. It's a wild ride that leaves you thoughtful and inspired! ... full review
DHEEABA DONGHRER certified reviewer June 21, 2012
Nikki Brown is a one-stop shop for talent and her show showcases it so well while wrapping it up in a big pretty story telling bow. She engages her audience with her varied characters that are warm, funny, sexy, sassy, strong and intriguing. This show is a tribute to artist and a compliment to the stage. ... full review

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