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Poe and Mathews: a Misadventure in the Middle of Nowhere

theatre · brian kuwabara and emily windler · Ages 10+ · family friendly · United States

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JOSH HILLINGER June 16, 2012
This show was so much fun! "Poe/Mathews" is a hit! With a delightful attention to historic detail, cheeky self-awareness, and masterful physical comedy, this show could delight crowds from the Pantages to the Boardwalk. I felt like I was watching a live cartoon (Mathews' Sponge Bob to Poe's Squidward)! I laughed out loud many, many times during this performance. Great for kids, great for adults, great for anybody! Come for the facial expressions alone. The two actors really, really impress. ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 17, 2012
Very funny show! It is a fast paced cartoon like comedy that is guaranteed to make you laugh or at a minimum put a smile on your face. The actors do an outstanding job of bringing their characters to life. If you are looking for a real entertainment value, then I would highly recommend that you see this show. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.... full review
ANDREW POTTER June 18, 2012
Expertly written, acted and performed. This show is a hilarious mis-adventure between two stunning actor/writer/directors, and the two mischievous, endearing comic characters they have created. A joy to behold!... full review
ANONYMOUS June 18, 2012
Two brilliant physical actors who seem possessed by the Edgar Allen Poe and Cornealius Mathews. The chemistry is wonderful, the delight is wonderful. A show worth seeing multiple times.... full review
WHO'S THE BOSS June 18, 2012
The authors of this production have wrenched the late Mr. Poe from the icy grasp of Hecate into the platonic netherworld constructed by their imaginations. The morose master of the macabre is subjected to a new torment: posturing literary ass by the name of Cornelius Mathews. I need not expound on the psychological agonies Mr. Mathews unwittingly unleashes upon the frail psyche of Poe for I do not wish for this page to be endless. Both of these very unequal talents were members of the 19th century American literary scene; if Poe did not physically encounter Mathews, he did so on paper, to his regret. I wish to propose a new model for Poe's death: an apoplexy induced by reviewing Mathews' most recent literary travesty.... full review
So FUN! ... full review
MAD MAGPIE certified reviewer June 09, 2012
Poe and Mathews is a dellight! A well crafted, expertly executed romp! Laughed myself silly!... full review


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