nancy bloch · July 24, 2019 certified reviewer
I was amazed at the talent that this theatrical group could put together to make such fun, lively production.... full review

Batter Up! My Brain on Baseball

benjamin nicholson · July 24, 2019 certified reviewer
Batter Up! felt more like a conversation with a friend than a theatrical production, and I mean this in the best possible way. Brett's love for baseball makes listening to a chronological listing of all the teams that lost in the World Series both endearing and something to root for; seeing Brett dig back through his years of baseball knowledge to triumphantly retrieve and share is both a remarkable feat of investment but also engrossing to observe. Even if you don't love baseball, this show give... full review

Girl From Schenectady

lara repko · July 23, 2019 certified reviewer
Ayo does excellent character work. I enjoyed the unique way she told her story (at the airport) and how we traveled with her from destination to destination. Ayo is charming, comfortable on-stage, and so fun to watch. I loved the ending - I totally was NOT expecting it at all and I was so touched by her honesty ... full review

Girl From Schenectady

diana atai · July 23, 2019 certified reviewer
I truly, truly enjoyed this performance. Such an accurate depiction of a woman’s journey to true love. ... full review


joshua gray · July 23, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Steven Vlasak, the playwright, the directors, the producers, the cast, and the crew created a charming and hysterical production. And I would say healing and free of shame. I had the privilege of attending the fully nude or "naturist" production in which everyone, including the audience, were required to be disrobed completely in order to see the show. Those whom are germ phobic, don't worry, we were all required to sit on towels, so the seats were protected for further productions. While I ... full review

Girl From Schenectady

nesha wonderland · July 22, 2019 certified reviewer
The show was incredible! I enjoyed the variety in the show there was dance, comedy and spirituality all inserted into the show in such a entertaining way.... full review

thank you for loving me

susannah snowden-ifft · July 21, 2019 certified reviewer
The greatest challenge for any show is how to be incredibly relatable to an audience of completely randomly selected people. The answer is always to tell as real a story as you can and hope that you land on some universal truth along the way. This piece hits that universal truth button no less than a dozen times because the story it tells is so raw and vulnerable, you cannot help but see yourself and your own experiences in each interaction between this couple. ... full review

Loose Underwear

victor sotomayor · July 21, 2019 certified reviewer
The show is well written and performed by Dagmar. Her characters are so recognizable, full of innuendos that set them all apart that it was meant for her to perform them as she knows them so well. Beautiful job... and nice, dirty underwear to go around!... full review

Ask A Black Woman

eric murdock · July 21, 2019 certified reviewer
The show was.... SPECTACULAR! As a black gay man with a name like DeAubrey, I strongly felt and resonated with the topics and themes of Shanara's show. I laughed, clapped, grunted, and sniffed back legit tears. It's in your face, and its assertive. There is no way to watch her performance and leave with any questions regarding what her intentions were, and what she was pointing out to all non-black women. SEE US. HEAR US. RESPECT US. LOVE US. GET TO KNOW US. BEFORE YOU JUDGE US. Us = Black wome... full review

Batter Up! My Brain on Baseball

matt ritchey · July 20, 2019 certified reviewer
Fantastic. I'm an acquaintance to baseball - I love being at a live game and I'll get into whatever happens to be on TV, but to appreciate BATTER UP, you need only be passionate about something - anything. Brett does a fascinating and hugely entertaining job of showing his "stupid human trick" of his freakishly good memory, but it's not the goofy act of memory that shines through - it's that the deep, deep love of everything baseball is attached to it. The drama comes from the in-show games hopin... full review

REWIND - A New 80's Pop Musical

jonathan tipton meyers · July 19, 2019 certified reviewer
Like a mouthful of exploding candy, Rewind is a bouncy, buoyant, bubbling confection of 80's "PopRocks" for your musical soul. With bright new songs that feel retro, energetic acting and direction, Sam and Geoffrey Rose's time-bending search for a hit song makes you smile for each of its 100+ minutes. ... full review


marcus j freed · July 19, 2019 certified reviewer
Gosh, what a superb production. Outstanding performances, insightful writing and masterful direction. This is a very strong piece of ensemble theatre and would hold its own if immediately transferred to the Ahmanson, Broadway or West End. Son of A Bitch takes us on a moving journey through Washington in the 1980s, behind-the-scenes of the Republican White House, and has poignant messages for today in terms of corruption, populism and how the circus of politics is often disassociated from the will... full review


caren rich · July 18, 2019 certified reviewer
Alena Bernardi is a force of nature. The direction by Carly Pandza was spot-on. There was a flow to the show.... full review


betsy hammer · July 18, 2019 uncertified reviewer
THANK YOU for the MOST WONDERFUL, UNABASHED, BRAVE, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL SHOW I’ve seen all year! ... full review


marnie olson · July 17, 2019 certified reviewer
A sometimes uncomfortably sad, sometimes bitingly funny and nearly always poignant journey through the sexual landscape of Creeptown - I mean, Hollywood. ... full review

SexualMisadventuresOfAStraightWhiteMale: APrivilegeStory

marnie olson · July 17, 2019 certified reviewer
Finally! A refreshing perspective from a straight white man taking responsibility for his own role in the ever-evolving feminist landscape. ... full review

2 for 1

marnie olson · July 17, 2019 certified reviewer
Angela Beevers and Alyssa Virker deliver two fantastic, fast-paced solo shows. ... full review

Leaving Prince Charming

marnie olson · July 17, 2019 certified reviewer
A triumphant and brave solo show by a very talented young woman. ... full review

What I Never Told You

marnie olson · July 17, 2019 certified reviewer
Deeply moving story of love - and what it means to hold on and to let go. ... full review

This Way Yonder

marnie olson · July 17, 2019 certified reviewer
A charming script by Montana Cypress, clean and lean direction by Monica Martin and a powerhouse performance by Marjorie Knight.... full review