holiday kinard · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
This was a really top-notch production. The writing, staging and performances would hold their own anywhere, Broadway included.... full review

Victoria Gordon - Live at the Hollywood Fringe

sam pocker · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
A solid old-school cabaret show. ... full review

The Narcissist Next Door

heather dowling · June 16, 2019 uncertified reviewer
What a ROMP! Incredibly clever writing and a cast who understands comedy!... full review

Keith Moon: The Real Me

wendy wanderman · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
The show is fantastic. Whether you know anything about Keith Moon or not, the way Mick Berry tells his story is eye-opening. He's tremendously talented and this show is not to be missed.... full review

The Book of Briarshire

kelley pierre · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
Kelly Moore has crafted something so ridiculous and SO utterly delightful. This cast is packed out with wickedly funny women that slay us over and over again. Prepare to be delighted. ... full review


heather dowling · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
An exquisitely performed, existential, comical and mind-bending ride - was lost, until I wasn't, then lost again and SO happy to be there. Awesome.... full review

Crack Whore, Bulimic, Girl-Next-Door

abel horwitz · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
A raw, honest account of one woman's pain and struggles told in a way that connects to all. Powerful, intimate, funny. Excellent cast, direction and script.... full review

CORINA, From Lap dance to Sundance

heather dowling · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
This is what courage and authenticity looks like. Bravo.... full review


crystal palace · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
Hell’s Kitty was fun, absurd, and very well done. I had a blast watching it and highly recommend seeing it.... full review


bob guck · June 16, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Intimate and relaxed story telling. The stories Micheal told were beautiful and heartbreaking with humor sprinkled in between. ... full review

Octopi Wall Street

michael bryson · June 16, 2019 uncertified reviewer
An absolutely terrific show! I loved the writing, and the acting and direction really brought it all together into a complete package that represents the best of the post-Beckett theatre scene. A combination of humor and pathos and immediate political urgency unlike any I have seen.... full review

The One-Man Improvised Musical

bob guck · June 16, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Connor is hilarious and talented performer. It baffles me how a person can do what he does. ... full review

An Yet Another Evening With The Sistahs- Unsung Sheroes

bob leggett · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
Tiffany Phillips is back this year, along with Fredericka Meek and Erika Cohen, to bring us a lesson in black history that will break your heart. We learn about the history of three prominent black women – slaves Anarcha Westcott and Ellen Craft and Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm. This show will move you like few Fringe shows have, and is the perfect way to start your Fringe Saturdays. ... full review


bob leggett · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
Son of a Bitch is a brilliant piece of historical fiction that captures the spirit of the intriguing story of Lee Atwater and his role in the 1988 Presidential elections that resulted in George Bush‘s victory over the more popular Michael Dukakis. ... full review

Mormon Playgirl

bob leggett · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
Sheffield does a good job of telling it through her portrayal of a number of characters, but the central one was relegated to a too-short segment at the very end of her show. There is a lot of potential for this story, but unfortunately it was not used. ... full review

Pho Girl

alexandra fiallos · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
A beautiful play about identity and culture. Pho Girl goes deep beyond the surface of what we think we know about Asian culture. It digs into the roots of cultural division and the struggles of being biracial. An honest, funny play that through fantastic storytelling poses the right questions that makes you think about how we have viewed identity and worth for so many generations.... full review


anonymous · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
“Guilt” was an incredibly well acted and enthralling show to see. It’s two short plays and they go by in a breezy tense full hour. I highly recommend going to see this... especially if you like sexy church stuff and armadillo hunting. ... full review

Saving Cain

jesse jamison · June 16, 2019 uncertified reviewer
It’s easy to judge people you disagree with from a digital disconnect; it’s more difficult when you inhabit the same space. Saving Cain pits an Evangelical mother, Laurelai (Leah Verrill, equal parts infuriating and hilarious and nakedly human), against her teenage son, Levi (Lenny Hernandez, as good as he always is, defiant and doofy and tragic) amidst the tumultuous political landscape of the mid-2000s to the rocky, opioid-driven present. Strong performances ground the production. I was refresh... full review

Silver Bullet

anonymous · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
The privileged class can get away with MURDER. In a film noir style world this production keeps the audience on their toes. Really enjoyable and shouldn’t be missed. ... full review

Bat Knight!

anabella funk · June 16, 2019 certified reviewer
With brilliant writing and engrossing characters, BAT KNIGHT is truly a must see at the Hollywood Fringe. This hour parody brings back childhood memories and captures the true meaning of comedic theater. All of the performers fully committed to each moment and I enjoyed the presence of strong female leads. ... full review

Forgetting not Forgotten

This multimedia, multiple character is a edutainment solo show. A performer takes on the role as caregiver after her mothers diagnosis with Alzheimers, and as the neighborhood becomes gentrified her world falls apart.

Cirque du Giselle

Cirque du Giselle is a dark & tragic love story of deceit, heartbreak, consequences, & redemption – where love eventually triumphs over vengeance from the grave & beyond. Brought to life on the stage in a swirl of aerial & cirque magic!