Kaniah Chapman

I am a 19 year old girl. I am interested in writing, drawing, painting, and acting as my hobbies. And I am interested in making writing a career . As well as drawing, painting and maybe acting. I love acting because of all the fun of doing a scene with many people and getting to know the actors behind the scenes. I really love improve the most when acting! Its fun to be put in to a scene and have to create a character right on the spot.

See Mary Birdsong (Reno 911) as Melania!

“Democracy in shambles? Why not put on a show? That’s the inciting impulse behind Trump Family Special, [a] concatenation of Franklin D Roosevelt’s fireside chats, the Partridge Family’s Christmas albums and the apocalypse.” - The Guardian

A Rockabilly Time Travel Musical!

A show with the ridiculous charm of The Monkees & the retro romance of Elvis movies: When Maureen plugs in her vintage mic, it triggers a famous meteorite to send her band, their manager and everyone around them back to the first days of Rock & Roll!