Mike Nelson

I was born and bred in NW Indiana where I collected Garbage Pail Kids Stickers and was a monster on the wiffle ball field. I graduated from Indiana University in 1997 with 2, count ‘em 2, non-marketable degrees and then ventured to Chicago where I flourished as a sassy waiter turned office drone in the exciting world of Property Management until 2005. Los Angeles came a calling and I grew a marvelous mustache. Said mustache has helped me book numerous national tv commercials, a handful of excellent web series and some feature films including the Action Comedy, DUST UP as well as the soon-to-be mega hit, HANNAH HAS A HO-PHASE. I’m also the Artistic Director of a sketch comedy group DRY HUMP that has been together for the last decade and has continued to offend delicate sensibilities in Chicago, Los Angeles and the internet. Check out Dry Hump’s stuff at www.dryhumpcomedy.com