maureen davis

I am a Broadway actress — original cast of the Tony Winning “Into the Woods” and Boston company of “Little Shop of Horrors” — transplanted to L.A. from NYC in 1993. Now, I have over 200 songs on tv and in film, with two successful musical projects — THE FLUTTERBIES and MAUREEN & THE MERCURY 5 — and with playwright Dave Rodgers, have developed an imaginative throughline that celebrates the music of both.

See Mary Birdsong (Reno 911) as Melania!

“Democracy in shambles? Why not put on a show? That’s the inciting impulse behind Trump Family Special, [a] concatenation of Franklin D Roosevelt’s fireside chats, the Partridge Family’s Christmas albums and the apocalypse.” - The Guardian

Mind-fu*k fever dream

Have you ever lived with someone and it didn't work out? Like a manic, time-jumping fever dream- Bobbie and August recreate all of their highs and lows of their relationship. Only, they have differing memories and perceptions of the events.