David Bosley

On the morning of my fifth Christmas, I opened my first gift and it contained four books. I do not remember this, but was later told by my Mother that I refused to open another gift until I read each of the books. I’ve been reading, and now writing, ever since. I’m a thirty year marketing professional who ten years ago decided to create in other writing spaces. This is my first stage play.


"If they get you when you're a child, they've got you for life." Experience Nicole Steinwedell's One Woman Show about growing up in a Christian cult, internalizing her abusers, and finally reclaiming her life as her own! *CLICK IMAGE FOR TICKETS*


Star Trek, Marlowe, Zero G! A once in a lifetime opportunity to see Tamburlaine and Klingons together. "EPIC!" "Not to be missed!" "Genius"