Geoffrey and Sam Rose

Twin brothers Geoffrey and Sam Rose have written songs for film, TV, records and radio and television commercials. Among some musical milestones were a top 10 adult contemporary hit, “Nothing But the Radio On,” for jazz great Dave Koz; “The Ride,” a song they wrote and performed for the first Karate Kid movie, and “Be There Now,” a national television spot for J. Walter Thompson and Sprint that aired on the Super Bowl.

With “REWIND A NEW 80S MUSICAL” they’ve teamed up again to create an original musical with a score that evokes the spirit of the 80s, one of the most colorful decades in the history of popular music.

Shiva for Anne Frank

A celebration of Jewish identity, girlhood, and the life of an extraordinary young woman that begs the question, did she just make Anne Frank's death about herself? Arrive early for bagels and babka!