Calusman Olivier

Fringe ambassador for the Broadwater theater. With over 20 years in the Screen Actors Guild, Cal spends many of his days participating in the adjustment considerations being proposed to contracts that are adressed at the wage and work meetings pre-caucus in the SAG office. The rest of his time is devided three ways between 1.Cheffing at esteemed Universities and Meuseums as well as past Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys for companies like Wolfgang Puck, Luskin, and Sudexo. 2. Working in film and Television as a SAG actor. And 3. Working up to his next director / Producer opportunity. Unknown facts. Cal’s
Last job before joining the union was working as a background actor 80 days on “Titanic”. Cal has spent over 20 of his years (starting late 70’s) in Alaska. Cal attended U.A.A for his BFA in theatre with a double minor in History and Phys Ed. Though not much of a drinker he loves Belgian style triplebock. Cal is a Navy Veteran from Desert Storm certified diver and mixed martial artist with college training in shaolin Kung Foo and Kendo, and extra curricular training in san-soo (18 daoist palms) , Jeet kune Do, Akido and Wing Chung. Born in Grossmont CA. Definitely a cat person though he fears no dog and absolutely loves every Pitt bull.