Minerva Vier

I, Minerva Benedicto Vier, am a Filipina-American Los-Angeles-based actress, playwright, dancer and poet. In my solo performance work, I engage in social, political and cultural issues that are personally significant to me yet have a universal resonance as well as performance styles that challenge the conventional and popular notions of “theater”. I explore subject matters as diverse as motherhood, immigration, art, identity, multiculturalism, The American Dream and Entertainment. I especially love exploring the notion of Survival and The Strength of the Human Spirit (as I’d like to call it). I arrange my subject matters and themes into various performance styles such as dance (usually contemporary and culturally-specific), comedy, theatrical poetry, video projections, original music and spoken word in order to tell an effective story in multi-faceted and striking ways. I’ve discovered that I like to use varying performance styles in my work to free my imagination and allow happy accidents and theatrical magic to occur. Recently, I’ve been interested in the use of Burlesque elements such as sensational acts and deconstructed Broadway musical numbers as will be witnessed in my latest solo work, Lucky: A Burlesque Tragedy.

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