Electronic Theatre Controls ETC

ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) is a world-leading manufacturer of professional lighting, control and dimming equipment with an established reputation for dedication to customer service, innovation, and reliability.

ETC’s products are the backbone of lighting systems in venues worldwide – from local town halls and theatres to major TV studios, sports stadiums, opera houses, and theme parks. Our 326,000 square-foot headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin includes a manufacturing facility and R&D as well as sales, service, and project management.

ETC was founded 35 years ago with the conviction that there was a better way to make a lighting control console. We developed one of the first microprocessor-based systems which boasted the then-blindingly fast 2 MHz 8080 CPU! Now our popular lighting control consoles are thousands of times more powerful than those groundbreaking early versions. And the thousands of lighting systems ETC has produced over the years keep working everyday. People want to light better, so they light with ETC.

At ETC we’re always searching for a better way to do things. We found that the HPL lamp is a better way to create brilliant light in a Source Four®, which in its own right is a better way to make a spotlight. We created an award-winning moving light with a Source Four pedigree and unprecedented quietness to meet the exacting requirements of theatre lighting designers. And we are continuously redefining the boundaries of lighting control with brilliant advances in dimming like our new Sensor®+ SineWave system and our award-winning Eos®-family control consoles.

We offer a worldwide service network that is available to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ETC is constantly changing, adjusting to fit your lighting needs. We’ve grown from a few college-student entrepreneurs in 1975 to over six-hundred talented people in offices worldwide. No matter how much we grow, we always stay close to our creative and hard-driven roots in theatre and lighting design, always maintaining the lighting insider’s absolute ethic: The show must go on.