Courtney Bell

Courtney is a native valley girl (although, like, hopefully it doesn’t, like, show). She started training at LA County High School for the Arts and continued at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television.

She’s super into acting in plays and indie films.

She also moonlights as a producer of theater and film, currently tackling (and starring in) her first feature! Favorite roles include Evelyn in “The Shape of Things”, Linda in “Fiction” (with Theatre Unleashed), Squirrel Tooth Alice in “Round Rock” (a TU world premiere), lots of roles written by the prolific Cesar Abella, and as always, ‘the Feet’ in “The Wiz”.

She‘s one of the Theatre Unleashed execs/cool kids, as Director of Audience Development, and is way pumped to be back in action in SLEEPING AROUND.

She’s a part time reality tv star, don’t tell her agent.

She also really really loves her dog.