Lena Valentine

Lena Valentine is an actor, comic, and host well-versed in immersive theater, musical improv, and storytelling. In addition to hosting and producing her own ongoing comedy projects You Kids Get Off My Lawn! and YAS, Gawd!, she has appeared in works by Annie Lesser, Creep LA, Play Collaborative Arts, #xcloak&daggerx, Trap Street, Institute For New Feeling, #metaforyou, and various film & television projects.

Find her at:
ig: wigsandkeys
twitter: @1lenavalentine

'Til Death...

A night of celebration. A stunning revelation. A bond's cessation. Happy Anniversary, Kev & Steph. After tonight, things will never be the same.

Jessie's Messy Mind

A "crazy" solo show that makes a mental difference. Jessie is an artist with schizo-affective whose show is a refreshing, humorous look into the heart of mental difference. You'll either leave enlightened or simply lightened up!