Morna Murphy Martell

I’ve been in theater all my life, first as an actor on Broadway, then as a writer/director in the original Off-Off- Broadway movement. I’ve had plays done in the West End, New York, Wash DC, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Ohio and, just this year, in Austin, TX. My one-woman show HARRIET TUBMAN HERSELF is in its 9th year touring the East Coast. I directed outdoor Shakespeare in Manhattan for 10 years before moving to Hollywood four years ago. I love the Fringe because theater flourishes best without gate-keepers making judgments on what deserves to be produced. Bravo to all who participate! I was the Broadway Critic for The Hollywood Reporter in the ’80’s and now I review theater for monthly newspaper NOT BORN YESTERDAY and also my blog: Theatre Spoken Here. I do not call myself a critic, I describe what I see and the reader can decide if that’s their kind of show or not. In theater, it’s all good!


Sex blogger turned novelist Ethan crashes the B&B of gifted but obscure novelist Olivia. Each craves what the other posses. As attraction turns to sex, they inch closer to getting what they want but at what cost to their complicated relationship?

A Rockabilly Time Travel Musical!

A show with the ridiculous charm of The Monkees & the retro romance of Elvis movies: When Maureen plugs in her vintage mic, it triggers a famous meteorite to send her band, their manager and everyone around them back to the first days of Rock & Roll!