Abby Schachner

creator of many a solo show, covering topics such as eating disorders, abortion, attempted murder, intimacy, love, fear, and childhood.
creator of the fringe faves Schachner Vs. Schachner and U and Me and My Best Friend P.
keen on blending darkness and innocence,
humor and pain.
creates for children
(and the child within).
lives for expression.
encore awarded
best of recipient
inspired by (and grateful for) the HFF community.

Jessie's Messy Mind

A "crazy" solo show that makes a mental difference. Jessie is an artist with schizo-affective whose show is a refreshing, humorous look into the heart of mental difference. You'll either leave enlightened or simply lightened up!

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" of the most intelligent, most fiercely acted, and most intimately engaging pieces I have seen thus far at the Hollywood Fringe Festival." Use #CON for half-priced tix, and all shows PWYC for Fringers!