Mara De La Rosa

I am a playwright/director/actor. I write plays that have that uninitial attraction quality. I just graduated from Loyola Marymount University and I’m pursuing the dream. I believe that everyone has a story. I believe that everyone has the ability to tell a story. Why not tell it in the most amazing way possible?

Father's Day Special for TOO BLUNT!

Kelvin Blunt's solo show recounts his eventful and comical journey to losing 100 pounds, modern dating hiccups, childhood crushes--and pays homage to his dad and sheroes. Use the code FATHER for $10 tickets.

SIGNS w/ Jonathan David

Born to Deaf parents with substance issues, Jonathan David takes us on a hilarious and inspiring first hand account of his and his parents upbringing, his own battles with addiction, and their own continued recovery. Spoken word with ASL Interpreter.