Matt Ritchey

Director, writer, actor, Shakespearean Nine Inch Nails fanatic. “How To Direct A Fringe Show” Workshop teacher.

2019: blackboxing.

2018: Director of “AMERICAN CONSPIRACY”and Director/Co-Writer of “NIC AND BROOKE’S KARAOKE PARTY”!!

2017: Director of “WE ARE TRAFFIC,” “MARTHA WASHINGTON KILLED A REDCOAT” (“Best Comedy” and “Short+Sweet” Award nominee), and Writer/Director of “NIC AND BROOKE’S COMEDY DANCE PARTY” (“Best Cabaret/Variety” nominee)

2016: Director and Writer of “ANGEL’S FLIGHT – Noir at the Bar” (“Best Cabaret/Variety” Winner, “Top of the Fringe” nominee, “Lumpy-Cramp Spirit of the Fringe, Never In The Box” nominee, “Rogue Shakespeare Award for Artistic Excellence ‘Directing Excellence’” nominee) and Director of “SLIGHTLY DRAMATIC”!!


2014: Director, Writer, Producer of “ROMEO AND JULIET IN HELL”!!

As a film director, his short “POKER NIGHT” won “Best Comedy Short” at the Culver City Film Festival and was nominated for Connect Film Festival’s “Apollo Award.” His comedy web series “HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRE” with his production company 8 APRONS is streaming on YouTube.

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Staying relevant is a full-time job, and the last thing you want to be is #Cancelled. A washed up child star. An up-and-coming music producer. An “influencer-by-accident”. What do they have in common? An internet scandal big enough to break them.