Andy McAllister

I’m a proud member of the Inner Circle Theater. In all my travels through academic and professional theater, I have never found a more creative, committed, savvy, and supportive group of artists anywhere.

I’m also thrilled to be participating with Randy Noojin’s Hard Travelin’ With Woody. Randy’s creative power and prolific career is inspiring.

mandy picks a husband!

What's the magic elixir for Mandy's unmarried soul? Find out in this hilarious and raw 60-minute rollercoaster ride that began as an Instagram dating experiment a la ABC's The Bachelorette, @mandypicksahusband. $10 tix w/code mpah19!

Bar of Dreams LA

Tickets on sale now! Dive into the dreams of a peculiar bartender and his unconscious mind. In this 2hr surreal experience, prepare for delicious drinks and hilarious shenanigans — all with a dose of childhood nostalgia!