Joaquin Camilo

Born in Vina del Mar, Chile. I began acting at a young age, then in college I decided to pursue acting and trained in various methods in order to get myself to cry on cue. I achieved a great amount of success in crying, but not so much in the craft of acting. Then, I stumbled into clowning and discovered a home I could call my own in the theatre. Since then, I have been involved in various productions and passion projects. I started my own non-profit company ( that brings acting, more specifically, clowning to children that are detained inside the Los Angeles correctional system. I love to create, and hopefully inspire people through laughter.


Can we ever stop paying for the past? Can the person we want to be ever escape the person we are now and were then? What price must be paid for not only our own crimes, but those of people close to us?

Walking on Eggshells in Stilettos

Walking On Eggshells In Stilettos: A dark comedy about bipolar disorder & child abuse. With characters, multimedia, physical comedy, we journey with Ann-Marie as she steps out of negative patterns into her own power, self love & some sexy stilettos!