craig gibson

I am a redheaded, gay Native American, collaborative theatre artist with an MFA from California Institute of the Arts. As the creator of the Orig-O-naL Theatre Company, my mission is to invoke deeper understandings and open new perspectives about race, gender, sexual orientation, identity, and religion through my theatrical works. Being both a director and performer, I am inspired by the existential themes of Absurdist material to explore the unconscious conventions of modern, Western society.


Jack and Erica find love after a one-night stand. She wants to be a famous actress and he's a mysterious Irishman who has the money to make her dreams come true – until taboo desires threaten to tear them apart.

Greenwood 1964

This brilliantly crafted fictional debate between Mr. Poitier and Mr. Belafonte eloquently explores the individual approaches on how to achieve liberation for people of color.