Lauren Sperling

Lauren Sperling is an actor/producer/scenic designer and native Valley girl. She started dancing when she was 3 years old & grew up doing musical theater. In college, her interests shifted more towards film & television (though she’s always up for a good musical). Lauren has been a member of The Loft Ensemble since 2013. Hollywood Fringe credits include “Tinkerbell” in Catalyst by April Morrow & “Sleeping Beauty/Snow White/Xena” in The Princes’ Charming by Mitch Rosander.

PWYC June 21 8:30 - RAVE REVIEWS!

Crawling through late-middle-age, a diligent husband keeps his sanity with offbeat guidance from a therapist-astrologer. Together they cure old age with New Age.

WHOAH! LOOKS GOOD! Seriously. #Seriously

From 2x winners of Best of Fringe! Boxing Your Demons: Like if David Lynch became a health/fitness influencer and made an immersive theatre show about cognitive dissonance. Cute workout clothes and chakra crystals recommended. #gratitude